Safety and Training Advisory Committee (STAC)

The Safety and Training Advisory Committee (STAC) leads PERC’s mandated mission to develop programs and projects to enhance consumer and employee safety and training. In fulfilling this role, STAC acknowledges a fiduciary responsibility to both the propane industry and society. A well-trained propane workforce is essential to maintaining the health and well-being of propane consumers and the general public.

STAC works with marketers, NPGA, and state associations to provide leadership, vision, and resources for ongoing safety and training efforts. Produced under STAC’s supervisions, PERC courseware and materials train and educate first responders, marketers, and consumers on safe handling of propane and provide regulatory compliance assistance to the propane industry.

For more information on STAC’s mission and activities in the field of propane safety and training, call Stuart Flatow, Vice President, Safety and Training, at 202-452-8975 or email