Propane Emergencies Program

Propane Emergencies Collage The Propane Emergencies (PE) program has grown significantly since its inception in 1998, from a single textbook to a comprehensive training program adopted by 27 state firefighter training agencies and propane marketers. It continues to be the benchmark by which many other hazardous materials training programs are measured. The third edition Propane Emergencies textbook is available to order by visiting the Propane Marketing and Resource Catalog or calling 866-905-1075. Download the Propane Emergencies Textbook, 3rd Edition.

Emergency Scenarios

What do you do in case of an accidental overfill at a customer’s home, a grill fire on a third floor apartment balcony, or an underground tank leak? Propane Emergency scenarios teach appropriate responses to these and other emergencies.

Marketer Outreach Toolkit

Plan and deliver an effective emergency responder training and walk-through session with the Marketer Outreach Toolkit.


PE Program Facilitator's Guide (PDF & PPT)
DVD/Video Tips
Introduction, Scope and Purpose
Physical Properties and Characteristics of Propane
Non-Bulk and Bulk Container Design and Construction Features
Bulk Transportation and Construction Features